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Musical Dinosaur Piano Mat

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The Musical Dinosaur Piano Mat brings a musical, colorful, and interactive developmental playtime for your dinosaur-loving kid.


  1. Turn on the switch of the music blanket and press different notes to play freely, so as to cultivate children's sense of music.

  2. There are nine different dinosaur on the music carpet. Each time you press one dinosaur, it will sound the English pronunciation of the dinosaur, which is helpful for children to improve their cognition of animals and organisms.

  3. Press the mode switch button to switch the music mode, and then press the notes. Each time you press a different notes, different music will be played.

  4. Press the "dinosaur" button, and the music blanket will make dinosaur footsteps.

  5. Press the mode switch button to switch the Q & A mode, the music blanket will automatically ask questions, and the child can choose to press different modes according to the questions. If the answer is wrong, the music blanket will give a voice prompt for the wrong answer. If the answer is correct, the music blanket will give a correct voice prompt.

  6. There are two volume buttons on the music blanket. You can press "+" or "-" to increase or decrease the volume
  • This product uses ABS + peach skin velvet material, which is soft and safe. Young children can lie or climb on it, and older children can sit or step on it.

  • It can be folded, easy to store and carry. It can be used in indoor environments such as living room and bedroom, as well as outdoor environments such as parks and fields.

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