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Daddy's Little Helper T-Shirt

Daddy's Little Helper T-Shirt

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Introducing the Daddy's Little Helper t-shirt, the ultimate uniform for your future fixer-upper!

Warning! This shirt may cause uncontrollable urges to grab a toolbox and conquer household projects. Symptoms include a newfound love for screwdrivers, hammers, and saying "Can I help with that, Dad?"

Product Features:

  • Super comfy 100% polyester material, because comfort is key when you're saving the day (or rescuing a rogue sock from under the dryer).
  • Bold "Daddy's Little Helper" graphic - let the world know you're a pint-sized pro.
  • Sizes 1-6 - because even the littlest helpers deserve to look the part.

Get ready for some serious DIY bonding with the Daddy's Little Helper t-shirt! Order yours today and watch out, Dad - you might just have a new partner-in-crime!

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United States: 10-12 days

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