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Easily Distracted by Trucks T-Shirt

Easily Distracted by Trucks T-Shirt

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Is your kiddo constantly glued to the window, waiting for the next big rig to rumble by? Do they identify car sounds faster than you can say "vroom"? Then this "Easily Distracted by Trucks" t-shirt is the perfect ride for their wardrobe!

Here's what makes this tee the ultimate truckin' companion:

  • Trucks on the Brain (and Chest): Bold, attention-grabbing statement declares their love for all things with wheels and a honkin' horn.
  • Comfy as a Cloud (or a Luxury Truck Bed): 100% polyester keeps them cool in summer and cozy in winter – perfect for year-round truckspotting adventures.
  • Sized for Little Explorers (Ages 1-6): Because even the tiniest truck fan deserves to rep their passion in style.

Get ready for:

  • Sudden stops at every truck they see (sorry, gotta admire the chrome!)
  • Endless questions about horsepower, engines, and all things truck-related.
  • A guaranteed conversation starter at the playground (because who doesn't love trucks?)

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United States: 10-12 days

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