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Elephant Blowing Ball LED Toy

Elephant Blowing Ball LED Toy

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This Elephant Blowing Ball LED Toy is made of safe plastic and electronic component materials, adopting the appearance of imitating a baby elephant with a full of fun music and lighting design which can attract the baby's attention.

It's entertaining and can not only provide children with fun, but our toy possesses five abilities that aid in the development of practical skills, observation, and a sense of direction which also assist them in their physical growth and intellectual development to learn knowledge through play.

You just need to add water to the hat, and spray colored smoke on the back. With a two modes which you can switch, and the airflow from the elephant’s nose can make the ball float in the air.

It allows your infants and toddlers to play regardless of their sitting, crawling, or walking position. This will be a lot of fun for your busy little peanut to discover.

Product Specifications:

Material: ABS Plastic
Size: 15 x 12.5 x 15 cm
Power: 3 x AA batteries (not included)

Shipping Information:

United States: 10-15 days
United Kingdom: 10-15 days
Rest of the World: 10-20 days

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