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Sank Magic Practice Copybook

Sank Magic Practice Copybook

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This fun English Sank Magic Practice Copybook helps children write in longhand! Write beautifully!

If you want your children to learn calligraphy, writing, drawing, mathematics, English, the Sank Magic Practice Copybook is a must-have for your little ones.

The paper is thick and not easily smudged. Great for Calligraphic Letter Writing and English handwriting practice. It emphasizes the skill training of writing, enabling children to grasp English handwriting skills through hands-on practice and helps them to write beautiful English words.

Magic Practice Copybook Set - Improve Cognitive Writing Ability and Broaden Critical Thinking Skills


  • Math Copybook - Help kids to learn how to calculate, add, subtract, and more
  • Alphabet Copybook - Learn the English alphabet and practice writing skills 
  • Number Copybook - Teach children numbers in a fun and easy way
  • Drawing Copybook - Draw, illustrate, and identify various objects

  Reusable Without Creating a Mess 

The Writing Board Tracing Book will automatically fade and can be reused. Handwriting automatically disappears after drying, great for repeatedly practice.

💙 Ideal for Parent-Child Bonding 💙

The Magic Practice Copybook helps your child get ahead in writing skills with continued practice at home. It is an ideal educational and learning activity for parent-child bonding.

Package Includes:

4 x Copybook (Math - Number - Alphabet - Drawing)
1 x Sank Magic Pen
4 x Refill
1 x Pen Holder

Shipping Information:

United States: 10-15 days
Rest of the World: 10-20 days

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