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Sorry We're Late T-Shirt

Sorry We're Late T-Shirt

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Uh oh, the struggle is real! Is your little nugget a pro at making grand entrances, even if they're, well, a bit... delayed? Does getting out the door sometimes feel like navigating a minefield of meltdowns and mysterious missing socks? This shirt's their battle cry!

The "Sorry We're Late" T-shirt is basically a superhero cape for those epic, poop-emoji-worthy moments that make you laugh until you cry. 💩

Made with 100% polyester so soft it could cuddle a cloud, this shirt is perfect for all-weather adventures, whether they're causing a delightful ruckus at the park or mastering the art of epic couch potato-ing. ☀️❄️

Available in sizes 1-6, it's the perfect outfit for little charmers who march to the beat of their own drum (and sometimes that drumbeat sounds suspiciously like a tantrum).

Hey, sometimes masterpieces take a little extra time, right? This shirt is a guaranteed conversation starter – get ready for fist bumps and "been there, done that" laughs from fellow parents.

So ditch the stress and embrace the glorious chaos! This shirt is a hilarious way to let everyone know your little one runs on sunshine, rainbows, and maybe a sprinkle of their own special brand of magic (and maybe, just maybe, a little bit of... well, you know).

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